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UP Health Center – The Power of Advanced Health Care

UP Health Center was founded in 2023 in the heart of Phnom Penh City. We have a massive new Pharmacy, Dental Hospital, and Medical Clinic. The UP Health Center promotes social well-being by fostering a culture of preventive and predictive healthcare; it is a caring institution that offers accessible, comprehensive, and high-quality healthcare. UP cultivates education and research that aims to produce impactful results in addressing national and global healthcare challenges.


On the ground floor UP has the largest Pharmacy store in Cambodia providing quality pharmacy services such as reviewing prescriptions from doctors to ensure accuracy and suitability for the patient, including the dosage, time of administration, correctly and safely labelled, providing supervised administration of medicines, advising the public on medicines, side-effects of medicines and the treatment of minor ailments, providing advice on specialist health care issues, such as blood pressure, smoking cessation, cholesterol monitoring and diabetes screening, supporting the patients to make healthier choices, such as intake of more nutritious food, exercising more often or stopping smoking.

Dental Hospital

A Dental Hospital on the first and second floors. UP Dental Hospital is a national leader in providing the best oral health care to the people of Cambodia. With state of the art dental equipment, the Hospital provides a range of dental treatments from basic to advanced, including orthodontics, implants, crown and bridge, dentures, root canal treatment and surgery. UP Dental Hospital is also involved in educating Cambodia’s top dentists. With a strong emphasis on evidence-based high quality clinical practice, our dentists and dental students strive to provide quality, affordable and comprehensive care for all ages.

Installation of the 22 dental chairs has begun and should be completed in the next few days. New instruments and materials have been ordered and additional members of staff have been appointed with some having started their training in the last few days.

The Dean of Dentistry, Professor Callum said: “With our new dental hospital, students will have more opportunity to treat patients. This will result in a higher quality of our graduates. In addition, we will have the clinical space to hold more postgraduate and CPD hands-on courses. We look forward to welcoming new patients who are seeking high quality dental care at a reasonable cost”.

Medical Clinic

A medical clinic on the second floor, will provide wide ranging and comprehensive general health services including preventive health and chronic disease management. We promote excellence in health by providing comprehensive and complete health care for the patients in our community. Health services include health screening, diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of disorders from very experienced, skilled and fully qualified doctors.

Our services will include family medicine, womens health, mens health, pediatrics, travel medicine, vaccines and immunisations and skincare.

Having A Good Health Is Your Best Investment. Your Health Is Your Wealth. Being Healthy Is The #1 Priority.

Medical Services

Medical Consultation (Adult and Pediatric)


Wound suture and Cleaning

Blood Tests

Health Check-up

Issuance of Medical Report or Certificate

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