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Completed in March, 2015 the University of Puthisastra Dental Hospital is a state of the art facility designed and built for the modern dental education. Located in the heart of Phnom Penh, it truly illustrates the University’s commitment to the importance of oral health and dental education of Cambodia. All the equipment and features are designed to provide the best facilities for the new dental students to begin their clinical career and comprehensive dental treatment for Cambodians.

Being the only internationally recognized dental school in Cambodia, the dental hospital has five treatment rooms equipped with 19 new dental equipment. These five treatment rooms are supported with a dental digital x-ray space, a sterilization area, large business area, and a rest room. One of the five treatment rooms, “VIP Room” has a dental microscope that can be used to treat delicate microsurgery or complicated endodontic treatment. All treatment rooms have rear delivery units with modern design and maintained at highest infection control protocol for your safety. Each room has offers digital imaging, intraoral cameras, and Open Dental computer software. All treatment rooms are designed to be used as teaching facility where highly educated and qualified dentists/tutors are overseeing every dental procedure performed at the hospital.

In addition to the features of each treatment room, we have handpieces designed specifically for rotary endodontics and implant placement. These can be used in any of the five treatment rooms. For patients where conventional imaging is not physically possible, a handheld portable x-ray is available. In order to facilitate patient treatment information and documentation, there are eight computer workstations in the University of Puthisastra Dental Hospital. Finally, the large front desk and waiting area with large 55” screens provides a courteous and fast check in and out service and relaxing environment.


University of Puthisastra Dental Hospital utilizes advanced dental technology for optimal accuracy, comfort, and convenience. We provide high-tech, comfortable dental X-rays and use sophisticated equipment such as dental microscope and endo rotary machine to fulfill your needs. Learn about the state-of-the-art technology we use at our practice below.


Our advanced dental technology includes both comfortable digital dental panoramic/cephalometric X-ray used in orthodontics treatment planning as well as general dental diagnosis and intra oral digital X-rays, which are utilized to detect problems with the teeth and surrounding tissues that often can’t be detected with a visual exam. An X-ray can reveal:

  • Caries between teeth or beneath existing restorations
  • Deep cavities or areas of infection in the jaw bones
  • Gum disease, cysts or abscesses
  • Developmental abnormalities
  • Various types of tumors

Digital dental X-rays are a reliable and valuable tool for assessing your oral health, and they offer patients significant advantages over old-fashioned, conventional X-rays. This type of advanced dental equipment is also:

  • Healthier: The amount of radiation emitted when using digital technology is less than that emitted from conventional X-rays.
  • More comfortable: Instead of uncomfortable, sharp pieces of X-ray film, digital technology utilizes small, gentle sensors.
  • Faster: The digital images are transmitted directly to our computer screen in minutes, enabling us to see results almost immediately.
  • Convenient: We can email you a copy of your X-rays – you won’t have to carry around bulky envelopes with your results!


In addition to high-tech dental X-rays, we also utilize dental microscope, which are special vision-enhancing devices that surgeons use to see with greater detail and work with greater precision. At University of Puthisastra Dental Hospital, our highly-trained dentists use this special magnification enhancing tool to achieve the best results when working in a small space, where accuracy is essential. Currently, we are the only hospital in Cambodia utilizing this high-tech equipment.


In addition to our advanced dental equipment, we minimize paper waste and optimize efficiency with our online patient registration and computerized patient charts. All patient information including x-rays and patient treatment records are entered into “Open Dental” management software in order to work efficiently but also to keep patient information safe.


  • Endodontics Rotary Micromotor
  • Endodontics Apex Locator
  • Diode Dental Laser